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The company Zaniboni S.a.s. is specialized in the manufacturing of electrolytic marking systems on metals (manual, semi-automatic and automatic marking machines). The fields which use our electrolytic marking systems are various: bearings, medical items, motor valves, injectors, gears, pumps, but also cutters, tools, taps, cutlery and a lot of others that have shown to appreciate more and more our marking systems over the years.
Our company doesn't supply only the electrolytic marking machines, but also the stencils, the electrolytic liquid and all the other spare parts essential to the marking process on metals.
The electrolytic liquid supplied by us, in particular, is made of water (75%) and mineral salts (25%). Thanks to this composition and above all to the absence of acid substances one has the opportunity to obtain a clear and indelible marking without having problems of corrosion and without being obliged to use any neutralizers after the marking cycle.
The other essential element inside an electrolytic marking system on metal is the stencil. It reproduces the writings (logos, alphanumeric codes, ext.) that one has to mark on the piece by using the electrolytic liquid. The liquid, which runs through the engraved parts of the stencil, comes into contact with the piece and allows the indelible marking of the writings engraved on the stencil.
The Zaniboni S.a.s. offers four types of different stencils: plastic
, photoengraved, paper and cartridge ones (stamp tape).

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