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Classic stamp
Stamp formed by a base of size 17x47mm and a little reservoir which can be filled with electrolytic liquid. The latter, alternatively, can be poured into the case used to plece the stamp after the marking cycle.
Pen stamp
Stamp charcaterized by a small tip which allows an easier and a faster marking even in the tightest spaces. To this type of stamp is matched a can, into which one can pour the liquid necessary for the marking.
Support plate
Base with a stainless steel plate useful to make easier the conduction of current to the piece that has to be marked. Thanks to it one avoids the need to connect the wire directly to the piece. Dimensions: 250x250mm.
Yellow cloth
Yellow cloth whose dimensions are 40x50 cms. It can be cut to fit one needs. It is essential in rder to cover the stainless steel base of the classic stamp and the stainless steel tip of the pen stamp.
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