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cartridge stencil

Stencils which can be created directly by the customer by using a Brother printer interfaced to a Pc thanks to an editing  software for pictures and a special cartridge (stamo tape) created for the stencils production.

  • Life: about 10 markings (This is only an estimate. It can vary depending on the use).

  • Dimensions: 24mm (h) x 3mt of lenght (models PT-E550WVP, PT-D800W and PT-9700PC)

                        36mm (h) x 3mt of lenght (models PT-D800W and PT-9700PC)

  • Delivery: immediate


  • Machine type: handheld

  • Maximum tape width: 24mm

  • Cutter type: auto

  • Keyboard type: QWERTY

  • Printing preview

  • 7 lines of print

  • Print speed: up to 30mm per second

  • Printing resolution: 180 dpi

  • 384 symbols available

  • Printing styles: 9

  • Memory locations: 99

  • Labelling wizard: cable

  • AC Adaptor (AD-E001)

  • Alkaline batteries: AAx6pcs (LR03, HR03) not included

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Editir software

  • Carry case

Brother Pinter PT-E550WVP
Brother Printer PT-D800W


  • Machine type: desktop

  • Maximum tape width: 36mm

  • Cutter type: full and half, auto

  • Keyboard type: removable QWERTY

  • Printing preview

  • 17 lines of print (only with 36mm tape)

  • Print speed: max. 60mm/sec.

  • Printing resolution: 454x360dpi / 720x360dpi

  • Bar code printing

  • Memory locations: 99

  • Usb cable

  • Adaptor: AD9100ESA

  • Lithium-ion battery

  • Editor software


  • Desktop printer

  • Automatic cutter

  • Connectability to Pc

  • USB interfaces, RS-232C serial (9 pin)

  • Print resolution 360x360 dpi

  • Print preview (from Pc)

  • Type of label printing from Pc

  • Ac Adaptor (type AD-9100ES)

  • USB Cable

  • Professional label design software

  • Printing lines depending on the software

Brother Printer PT-9700PC

The other types of stencils available are:
- plastic

- photoengraved
- paper

This type of stencil (stamp tape) can be used only on the electrolytic marking system

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