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The electrolytic marking system is a cheaper, simple and permanent method of identifying which does not deform nor weakens or corrode the metal parts which it comes into contact because the molecular structure of the object is not altered, no matter how deep the brand is.

Furthermore, the electrolytic marking process doesn't cause neither scattering (re-solidified droplets of surface material which affect the marked surface by making it inhomogeneous) nor microcracks due to thermal stress. These microcracks affect the mechanical properties of the materials and consequently they may cause breakings in metals.

All these features make the electrolytic marking system particularly suitable to be used in fields such as the Aeronautics and the Health and in all the markings of surfaces in close tolerance.

Eventually, the fundamental advantage that distingueshes the electrolytic marking system from all the other ones and that concerns all the manufacturing fields is the fight against counterfeiting.
This is possible thanks to the stencil (the essential element at the base of the electrolytic marking process) which is very difficult to reproduce.

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