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The stencil, also called matrix, is one of the essential elements inside an electrolytic marking system. It reproduces the writings (logos, alphanumeric codes, ext.) that one has to mark on the piece by using the electrolytic liquid. The liquid, which runs through the engraved parts of the stencil, comes into contact with the piece and allows the indelible marking of the writings engraved on the stencil.
The Zaniboni S.a.s.
offers four types of different stencils: plastic, photoengraved, paper and cartridge (stamp tape).

Plastic stencil
Photoengraved stencil
Paper stencil
Cartridge stencil (stamp tape)

The first two are realized directly by us, whereas the other two can be made directly by the customer by using a typewriter or a wireprinter in the case of the paper stencils or a Brother printer in the case of the cartridge stencils (stamp tape).

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