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The Zaniboni electrolytic marking system on metal allows you to mark faithfully and above all in an indelible way logos and other identification codes on iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, vidia, titanium ext, independently from their hardness and on all the surfaces, both flat and round.
In order to ensure the maximum operating efficiency, the Zaniboni has a reliable system for the stencil and the liquid production which allows the electrolytic process.
The liquid is made of neutral mineral salts, which are not harmful neither polutant. Thanks to this composition one can avoid any oxidation phenomenons on the piece and in the meantime one can realize an indelible marking on metal without the usage of any neautralizers.
The electrolytic liquid is made of 75 % of water and 25% of neutral mineral salts. This composition maintains the Ph on optimals values which are not dangerous for the skin.
The stencil, which is the other essential element in an electrolytic marking system, reproduces the writings that one has to mark on the piece. Furthermore, the stencil allows to reproduce all kinds of letters, numbers, logos and other images in all sizes with a surprising precision and faithfulness to the original.
The Zaniboni S.a.s. offers four types of different stencils: plastic
, photoengraved, paper and cartridge (stamp tape).
The first two are ideal in big productions where the writings are always the same, whereas the other two can be used when the markings change quite often.

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