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The Zaniboni Group was established in 1977 under the name of Zaniboni Vittorio, from the eponymous founder.

At the beginning Mr Zaniboni applied his own marking system to the manufacturers of ball bearings, coming himself from a decade experience in this field. After some time, however, he decided to suggest his marking system to whoever needed to mark on metals. He could do this thanks to continuous reserches and a lot of investments in technology which allowed him to develop new machines.

In a few years Mr Zaniboni gained a leading position in the market of electrolytic marking and he managed his company until the beginning of 2004 when he decided to leave the management of the Zaniboni Vittorio to his two sons, Alessandro and Francesco, who established the Zaniboni Group.

The goal of the two brothers has remained the same even after many years, that is to continue to offer technologically advanced solutions that can meet any need in the marking field.

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