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AUTOMATIC ELECTROLYTIC MARKING SYSTEM IDEAL TO MARK BALL BEARINGS (suitable to be placed in existing production lines with automatic loading/unloading cycles)

SVDM 100
: bearing diameter from 25mm to 100mm
SVDM 150
: bearing diameter from 30mm to 150mm
SVDM 200
: bearing diameter from 50mm to 200mm

  • Hourly capacity: 1.200-1.500 pieces

  • Fix marking station

  • Indelible marking on metal without deformation of the piece

  • Adjustable marking depth (max. 30 micron)

  • Characters height: from 0.8mm to 5mm

  • Marking area: it depends on the chosen marking head

  • Automatic cycle starter by two twin buttons

  • Input voltage: 400V/50Hz

  • Feeding: about 1Kwh

Type of stencil to use: plastic


  • Work table suitable to contain all the components

  • Closed on two sides and open on the frontal and on the back side to allow inspection and maintenance

  • Conveyor belt for the loading of the pieces

  • Horizontal cylinder for the transfer of the pieces from the conveyor belt to the marking head

  • Unloading of the pieces in a row

  • Automatic check of the marking process

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